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What Are the Best Student Loan Companies?


Whether parents are taking responsibility for the cost of college expenses or you will be paying your own way, the expense is an enormous undertaking with a need to employ loans for whoever takes the bulk of the load. Today, most students are taking on debt because parents merely can’t afford the excessive tuition fees.

How to Think About Student Loans

It’s important to be mindful of the amounts that you take out with private student loans and what you use them for. You may not be responsible now. But eventually, these funds need to be paid back. Ensure that you do sufficient research on your chosen major as far as sustainability into the future and income compare with the economy.

There may need to be adjustments regarding the field you’re interested in for a more lucrative option. While you could still be within a familiar industry, you’ll merely be tweaking the responsibilities, so you have a job down the road and money to match the cost of living with the ability to pay for costly student loans (read more).

Not only are the amounts a critical aspect to pay attention to but the fundamentals of the loan. Research the guidelines of each one carefully. Some colleges are now turning away from dorm living and going strictly to online learning. Read each line carefully because you’ll be straddled with loans for an extended time.

What are the Best Companies for Student Loans

Whether a young adult chooses dorm life or opts for online courses is of no consequence. The loans offered to students are much more forgiving with money set aside for not only the tuition but books, housing, food, and other expenses. For parents, some find it challenging to choose an appropriate loan.

Though federal student loans are made available to potential students and deem commonly the best, and most affordable option to pay, these are generally not sufficient in meeting tuition balances. The gaps are typically met with additional private student loans, along with grants and work-study programs.

Here are the best student loans companies based on our research:

Sallie Mae – Best for a Broad Spectrum of Lending Options

This lending company is an option for coeds offering undergraduate loans, graduates, and those pursuing specialty degrees. It grew from a government entity in 1973 that serviced students with federal loan programs to the public platform in 2004.

The business serves close to a million students and their families with various student loan options, but also provides parents with savings programs to help pay for future scholars. The company also offers credit cards to the public with incentives, including cash-back rewards that can be used to repay the loans-A+ with Better Business Bureau.

College Avenue – Best for Student Lending

College Avenue is the best lender for offering student loans throughout the country. Loans are available to undergraduates and graduates, parent loans, and those pursuing international, dental, law, and medical or MBA degrees.

Besides, there are options for refinancing or parent refinancing. The loans range from a minimum of $1,000 to as much as 100% of the certified school cost for attending. The borrower has the choice of making payments while still in school, pay only the interest, a flat rate, or defer. There are no prepayment or origination costs.

SoFi – Best for Online Student Lending

SoFi has served approximately half a million borrowers since 2011with some showing credit scores that can dip to 650 in some cases. They make refinancing simple with the online capability and decisions are given instantly. Types of loans are as commonly provided with undergraduate and graduate as well as refinancing and parent refinancing.

There are options for those pursuing specialized studies for degrees in medical, dental, and law or MBA studies. Loans begin minimally at $5,000 up to an undisclosed amount. They do not charge for origination, prepayment, or late fees. Each student has the option of refinancing with their loan. Everything in the loan process is done entirely online.

Focus on Key Factors When Selecting Your Student Loan Company

Student loans can be a lifesaver if you choose the right company. You should make a list of what you are looking for in a loan like interest rate, term length, and forgiveness information. Once a list is developed, you should further narrow the choices by comparing each lender’s limitations and terms. For instance, you won’t want to take a loan if it isn’t going to allow you to move on to specialized studies if that is your chosen path.

Final Word

In the modern world, college is becoming almost mandatory.

In reality, college is not affordable without loans, whether the students take them out or mom and dad carry the burden. The three companies mentioned above make the process much more accessible in either case. But, there are many more companies that offer comparable rates.

What’s right for one person and their family won’t work for another. Every individual situation will be unique to itself. It’s a matter of finding what suits you, your specific situation, and your future.