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The 4 Best Personal Loans for Borrowers with Good Credit


Having a good credit score opens you up to a lot more options when it comes to borrowing money. Whether you need money for an emergency or to clear up some lingering debt, you will have a lot better options to choose from if your credit score is on the good side.

How do I know If I have a good credit score? Credit scores can range anywhere from 300 to 850. A good credit score is anywhere between 700 and 750. If your credit score is in that range then lenders have noted you as a trustworthy borrower. This opens you up to the good stuff!

It takes discipline to get a good credit score, but when you get into that range it’s worth it. Lenders offer lower interest rates and better packages.

How to Get a Good Credit Score

Now, if you aren’t quite in the range of good credit yet, don’t worry because there are some things you can do in the meantime to improve your credit.

Improve Your Payment History

When it comes to your credit score your payment history makes up the biggest percentage of it. You must always make your payments on time to have good credit. If you can’t make the entire payment at once at least make a minimum payment.

No matter what kind of dispute you may be in, never skip out on a payment. That will reflect negatively on your credit score. If you think you may have issues making a payment on time, always call your lender or provider to make an alternative payment arrangement.

Be Cautious with Your Credit

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is going over your credit limit. This is one of the easiest ways to lower your score. Something that a lot of people with good credit have in common is that they only use 35% of their credit limit on average.

You can even be seen as a risk if you use all of your credit and pay it in full. Figure out what 35% of your credit limit is and stick to that with your spending.

How Long Have You Had This Credit Account?

Having a long-standing credit account reflects positively on your credit score. What you may not have known is that transferring an old account to a new account is actually new credit.

If you’re intrigued by the offer of a new credit card, then keep your old account open just for the extra boost to your credit score.

Stop Applying for Credit Cards

Every time you apply for a new form of credit then your credit score takes a hit. It’s normal to apply for a credit card or loan now and again, but if done too frequently it shows lenders that you can’t live within your means.

The Four Best Personal Loans for Borrowers with Good Credit

When you have good credit, you are open to all sorts of new options when it comes to borrowing. If you have outstanding debts on other credit cards and loans, you can apply for a debt consolidation loan with lower interest and save yourself some money.

You have a lot of options ahead of you with good credit, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good ones. There are a lot of competitive rates out there, and not all of the lenders are trustworthy. We decided to do some research so we can introduce you to the most trusted lenders with the best rates and most flexible options.

1: Marcus by Goldman Sachs

If you have credit card debt that you would like to clear up, then Marcus By Goldman Sachs could be the right lender for you. Once approved, they make the process incredibly easy. There’s no messing around because they will send the funds directly to your credit card.

This is a great loan because it can be used on up to 10 different credit cards if needed. It is the number one choice in the US for credit card consolidation. Unlike a lot of leading lenders, there are no extra fees with Marcus By Goldman Sachs.


  • You can avoid all those annoying prepayments and late fees.
  • Once you have made 12 monthly payments on time and in full, you have the option to defer a payment. You never know when something unexpected may occur so this gives a lot of borrowers peace of mind.
  • Marcus By Goldman Sachs offers loans as high as $40,000. They can be used for emergencies or long-term debt consolidation.
  • They have some of the most competitive interest rates to offer their borrowers with good credit scores.

2: Upstart

What makes Upstart stand out among the other lenders is that they look at more data than just a person’s credit score when it comes to their borrowing options. Things like employment and education are also important factors.

The company also has an impressive loan range. If you have good credit and get approved you can borrow anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000. Everyone’s borrowing needs are different, so Upstart has the options to make sure they are taken care of.


  • Upstart also wants to reward their borrowers who have a good credit score, so they offer some of the most competitive interest rates so you’ll do business with them.
  • So many lenders punish their borrowers with a prepayment fee. That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about with Upstart. You won’t be penalized for paying your loan off early.
  • The only catch with Upstart is that they only do limited-term loans, so you won’t be able to get a loan with a repayment term for more than 5 years. You can get a loan that is either 36 or 60 months with the option to pay it back early if you want.

3. BestEgg

What makes BestEgg stand out as a lender is their option to allow borrowers to take out a second loan if an emergency comes up. If they have a loan they have been paying back for at least 6 months and something comes up where they need to borrow more, BestEgg will allow it. The only catch is they can’t borrow more than $50,000 between the two.


  • BestEgg does have criteria to be met before you get a loan from them. Your credit history and annual income are the two biggest factors. They only work with people who have been deemed trustworthy by creditors.
  • The amount of money you may borrow from BestEgg is different in each state. For the most part, the average loan range is between $2,000 to $35,000. Since you are not able to borrow as much with BestEgg they are a better option for when it comes to unexpected emergencies.

4: Lending Club

Lending Club offers loans up to $40,000 for borrowers with good credit.

Plus, if you have good credit and would like to co-sign for someone else’s loan they offer joint applications to make the process easier. The same thing can also be done if you want a co-signer on your loan.

You won’t have to worry about your credit score taking a hit if you want to apply to see if you pre-qualify for a loan. They are here to help with your credit situation, not the other way around.


  • Once you get approved for a loan with Lending Club it can take an average of 4 business days to show up in your account. If you are in a rush to get your money, this might not be the best loan option for you to consider.
  • Before your funds are deposited, Lending Club will take out an origination fee that ranges between 1 to 6 %.

Final Thoughts

We just introduced you to 4 of the best lenders that provide personal loans to borrowers with good credit scores. The best lending company will all depend on what you are after from your loans.

  • Marcus By Goldman Sachs is the best loan provider for credit card debt consolidation.
  • Upstart has a reputation for considering more aspects than just your credit score number.
  • BestEgg will have your back when emergency strikes and you need a second loan.
  • Lending Club is the best company to consider for a personal loan if you want to co-sign for someone or have them co-sign for you.

All of the loan providers we introduced you to today were chosen on a few factors that made them stand out among the rest. They are all very likely to approve borrowers with good credit scores.

Their interest rates are far more competitive than what anyone else is offering. We also considered flexibility with repayment options and how much they are willing to lend their borrowers.